Jondaryan and surrounds

Variegated Fairywren Malurus lamberti Photo: Scot McPhie

Our team of four observers enjoyed a relaxing time observing the birds of the Jondaryan area on a mild to warm, windy morning.

We visited a number of sites in the Jondaryan area and utilised a number of survey types.

We completed 2ha-20minute surveys in the former recreation reserve (woodland of belah, yarran, poplar box and weeping myall) and along the Jondaryan Sabine Road (roadside observations in yarran and wilga regrowth with some older trees).

In addition, we recorded all birds seen in the Jondaryan area at places visited within a 5km radius.

Nardoo Marsilea drummondii — famous from the Burke and Wills expedition
Coal train

Double-barred finches Stizoptera bichenovii feeding on roadside grain spill
Roadside grain spill
Doctors creek
Raptor nest – unknown species

As expected, Painted Honeyeaters were busy and calling and we accounted for nine individuals seen and/or heard. Ripe mistletoe berries were abundant in the yarran and myall woodland. A biodiversity survey (like a ’bioblitz’) earlier in October documented a minimum of 39 individuals around Jondaryan in about half of the assumed suitable habitat.

Crested pigeon Ocyphaps lophotes at the point of launching into flight

Other species of note were a Collared Sparrowhawk in the recreation reserve, White-necked Herons seen in the creek system—in the water and flying by, several Sacred Kingfishers and a flock of Chestnut-breasted Mannikin. Apostlebirds were feeding young and Wedge-tailed Eagles lorded it over us from high in the sky.

Apostlebird Struthidea cinerea mud nest with three chicks

The total of 41 bird species for the morning comprised species that we have come to expect in this area. If effort had been possible earlier, soon after sunrise, we may have encountered more species and individuals, especially parrots. The prevailing very dry conditions and wind possibly limited the bird activity a little today. The full list for the day is as follows:

ApostlebirdStruthidea cinerea
Australasian DarterAnhinga novaehollandiae
Australian MagpieGymnorhina tibicen
Australian RavenCorvus coronoides
Australian White IbisThreskiornis moluccus
Black-shouldered KiteElanus axillaris
Brown HoneyeaterLichmera indistincta
Chestnut-breasted MannikinLonchura castaneothorax
CockatielNymphicus hollandicus
Collared SparrowhawkAccipiter cirrocephalus
Common MynaAcridotheres tristis
Crested PigeonOcyphaps lophotes
Crow & Raven spp
Double-barred FinchTaeniopygia bichenovii
Fairy MartinPetrochelidon ariel
GalahEolophus roseicapilla
Golden-headed CisticolaCisticola exilis
Grey ButcherbirdCracticus torquatus
Laughing KookaburraDacelo novaeguineae
Little Pied CormorantMicrocarbo melanoleucos
Magpie-larkGrallina cyanoleuca
MistletoebirdDicaeum hirundinaceum
Noisy MinerManorina melanocephala
Painted HoneyeaterGrantiella picta
Pale-headed RosellaPlatycercus adscitus
Peaceful DoveGeopelia placida
Pied ButcherbirdCracticus nigrogularis
Red-rumped ParrotPsephotus haematonotus
Rock DoveColumba livia
Sacred KingfisherTodiramphus sanctus
Scaly-breasted LorikeetTrichoglossus chlorolepidotus
Spiny-cheeked HoneyeaterAcanthagenys rufogularis
Spotted DoveStreptopelia chinensis
Straw-necked IbisThreskiornis spinicollis
Striped HoneyeaterPlectorhyncha lanceolata
Superb Fairy-wrenMalurus cyaneus
Torresian CrowCorvus orru
Variegated Fairy-wrenMalurus lamberti
Wedge-tailed EagleAquila audax
Welcome SwallowHirundo neoxena
Whistling KiteHaliastur sphenurus
White-faced HeronEgretta novaehollandiae
White-necked HeronArdea pacifica
Willie WagtailRhipidura leucophrys
Full bird list for the day