The Birds of Central Redwood Park – a report from a 12 month study

Rufous fantail (Rhipidura rufifrons) photographed in Redwood Park. Photo: Sue McIlwraith

In February 2020 we started a series of regular surveys at seven sites in Redwood Park, to gain an up to date base line knowledge of the birds present in Redwood Park. This was particularly important because of the proposed developments in Redwood.

The sites were surveyed monthly and two additional sites were added in the course of the year long period. Most surveys were 20 minute/2 hectares and the results were entered in to the Birdata database.

1247 birds were recorded in total, across 85 species. 3 species listed as matters of National Environmental Significance were directly sighted (Black-faced monarch, Rufous fantail and Spectacled monarch) and a fourth (Black-breasted button quail) was recorded in Redwood but in other areas to our survey sites.

The report has been submitted to the Environmental Impact Assessment currently being carried out on Redwood Park for the Toowoomba Regional Council.

Click on the cover image below to open the report in your web browser – or right click here to download the report.